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Why you need an SEO strategy!

To quote a famous line from the baseball film Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”. Sadly, this is not the case for website owners who need visitors to their shiny new website. Time and time again here at LogicBarn we hear about business owners who spend all their budget on a new website which looks great and performs well function wise, however they leave no budget left for online marketing. This is an essential part of the success of any online business and if neglected can be losing you valuable business and even risk the success of your company.

So why is SEO so important?

90% of the search engine traffic is generated from the 1st page of the free organic results. This fact alone means if you aren’t factoring in SEO into your digital marketing campaign then you are missing out. Essentially a good free ranking in the organic search results is free traffic, but more importantly, free traffic from people looking for the services or products you provide. This allow you to intercept them at a point they are actively looking to perform an action, be it purchase, quote or enquiry. This makes SEO even more important than ever before. Don’t forget the actual listing is free, so essentially, it’s free advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only fee is the cost of hiring someone to carry out the SEO on your website.

Is it hard to achieve 1st page rankings?

Good question, simply answer is yes and no. How easy or indeed hard it is to get first place rankings all depends on the industry your business resides in. For example, if you are in the loans or finance industry then there will be companies who spend thousands a week and have departments dedicated to working on their websites SEO. This doesn’t mean you can’t compete, just the task is harder and you have to be smarter in your targets. Targeting local traffic is always easier also, so rankings for “Leeds Mortgage Brokers” will be easier to achieve then “Mortgage Brokers”. LogicBarn happen to be experts in local SEO also so we can advise on the best course of action for this.

On the flipside if your business is in a less competitive industry then success could be easier. If you are a niche restaurant in Morecambe that only serves Tapas, then local SEO could be highly affective and require less effort. Every industry and every business are different, so a unique strategy needs to be applied to every digital SEO campaign. LogicBarn create bespoke SEO strategies designed to work with your business to achieve relevant and targeted organic traffic success.

Is it complicated?

We refer to the old saying “It’s only easy if you know the answer”. A custom SEO strategy relies on the accumulative affect of many smaller tasks and actions. There is not one single change or action you can make that will make a big difference to being on the 5th page and 1st page. Good SEO is a result of many different actions, performed by experienced SEO technicians and technical development experts.

For instance, a slow website or one that takes ages to load will not rank well as Google factors in site speed as a major reason to choose to rank or not your website. This falls under the technical SEO category and LogicBarn includes this in all our SEO services. The there is the onsite SEO which involves extensive keyword research. There’s no point in spending money and time on ranking for keywords that nobody uses to search. If you are number 1 in the rankings but only 3 people a month search, then you will hardly notice the difference. You want to rank for the keywords which have hundreds and thousands of searches per month. This is where the results are.

LogicBarn can provide you with a free SEO quote and we can also provide a free ranking report so you can see where your website is ranked in the free organic search results. Get in touch today via email at or call us on 0303 223 0110.