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Derby Videographer

Videography is hot right now – and it’s only getting hotter.

As festival season is booming, summer holidays are approaching and the hot weather is bringing the shorts and t-shirts out from the closet, we’ve been busy behind-the-scenes capturing it all and undergoing this year’s creative projects. Our videographer has been hard at work shooting and editing for our 2022 Videographer Showreel, which highlights some of the exciting events we’ve visited and caught on our cameras. We also hold charity close to our hearts. Recently, we’ve been out filming for the NHS and Isorropia Foundation, providing them informational and engaging visual content that aims to educate and inspire all.

In the past, however, from working with the likes of The Isle of Wight Festival, Cornish Living TV, and Leicester City Council, our videographer has a strong passion for film. His portfolio demonstrates this, but so does our Videographer Showreel – which you can check out below.

Show your audience what you’re all about.

By the end of this year, online video content will take up 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This is a big figure, but comes as no surprise. Particularly since the rise of short video platforms such as TikTok, engaging and easy to watch videos have become the chosen source of our entertainment and information in recent years. The convenience and familiarity associated with online video viewing has seen a boom in businesses dominate the videography industry.

Many businesses – new and old – have recognised the important role video plays in grabbing and gaining consumer attention, and have established many creative ways in reaching their audience in this way. It is not hard to see why most businesses today utilise the fascinating nature of professional videography to market their products or services online. Not only is video based media captivating and entertaining, but businesses can almost ‘show’ themselves off and reach a wider audience they otherwise wouldn’t without turning towards videography as a marketing strategy. In fact, more businesses than ever have tapped into the videography market as a captivating and unique way of showcasing their business. Commercial videography not only looks good, but it provides your audience with an insight into your story and what you do best, without the use of words or complicated marketing tools; letting the video speak for itself. 

To provide you with a mind-blowing insight into how big the demand for videography is, studies have shown that 54% of the average consumer demographic want to see MORE visual content from their favourite brands and businesses. Without videography, many businesses are missing out on a huge consumer base that actually want to see visual content on their websites, social media platforms and promotional materials. At some point in our day, we watch a video – whether it be a quick 60 second video on social media, a movie or an advertisement, we consume more visual content than we may realise. We are surrounded by videography. YouTube in particular is the most popular platform for video consumption; 88% of marketers share videos on the site, to be exact. 

As one of the pioneers in online video sharing, YouTube is a hotspot for businesses to promote their services and share educational or lighthearted videos that help build rapport with their audiences. For example, many makeup companies will upload makeup tutorials to YouTube, not only to market their products but to provide their consumers with an informative and interesting way of understanding what the business can offer them, and digital agencies will share quick, educational videos outlining their services and what they do – and it works! Audiences want to learn something meaningful, and such businesses are providing this to them. 

In our showreel, we presented a variety of the different projects we’ve been producing – from business events, to weddings, to concerts and festivals. Each one has been as exciting as the other and gained extremely positive feedback from both the client and audiences alike. To us, this shows that well thought-out and professional videography can change the way people view your business or event, and is fun to watch, no matter what or where it is. Our videography services can create life-changing visual content for you, no matter the occasion. We still have the rest of the year to go, and we cannot wait to see what the remainder of 2022 holds for us. Click here to view our videography services.