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Videography Case Study:

Locate a Locum

Capturing Success at The Pharmacy Show 2022


LogicBarn, had the opportunity to work with Locate a Locum, a leading healthcare staffing platform, at The Pharmacy Show in October 2022. Their primary objective was to film testimonial videos for Locate a Locum, showcasing the experiences and success stories of their staff and clients. Additionally, LogicBarn was responsible for capturing event highlights and compiling a video montage for Locate a Locum’s social media platforms.


The Pharmacy Show is an esteemed annual event that brings together professionals from the pharmacy industry, including pharmacists, pharmacy owners, and pharmaceutical companies. It serves as a platform for networking, showcasing innovations, and sharing knowledge. Locate a Locum, a platform that connects pharmacies with qualified locum pharmacists, recognized the importance of leveraging this event to promote their brand and highlight their impact within the industry.


The main objectives of LogicBarn’s engagement at The Pharmacy Show were as follows: a) Testimonial Videos: To film engaging testimonial videos featuring Locate a Locum’s staff and clients, highlighting their positive experiences and the benefits of using the platform. b) Event Coverage: To capture key moments and highlights from The Pharmacy Show, showcasing the vibrancy of the event and the involvement of Locate a Locum. c) Video Compilation: To create a captivating video compilation that encapsulates the essence of The Pharmacy Show and Locate a Locum’s participation, suitable for sharing on their social media platforms.


LogicBarn meticulously planned and executed their involvement at The Pharmacy Show. They coordinated with Locate a Locum’s marketing team to understand their vision, identify key participants for testimonial videos, and determine the most impactful shots to capture during the event. a) Pre-production: LogicBarn conducted thorough research on Locate a Locum’s brand identity, target audience, and previous marketing efforts. They developed a creative concept for the testimonial videos and outlined a shot list to ensure comprehensive coverage of the event. Necessary equipment and logistics were arranged well in advance. b) Filming Testimonial Videos: Over the course of two days, LogicBarn worked closely with Locate a Locum’s staff and clients to film compelling testimonial videos. The team expertly interviewed participants, guiding them to express their experiences authentically while highlighting the benefits of using Locate a Locum. c) Event Coverage: LogicBarn actively roamed The Pharmacy Show, capturing important moments such as engaging conversations, demonstrations, and notable interactions between Locate a Locum and industry professionals. Their goal was to portray the energetic atmosphere and showcase Locate a Locum’s presence at the event. d) Post-production: After the event, LogicBarn dedicated their efforts to editing the testimonial videos and compiling the event coverage footage. They ensured that the videos aligned with Locate a Locum’s branding guidelines, incorporated relevant graphics and music, and maintained a cohesive narrative throughout the compilation.

Results and Impact:

LogicBarn’s collaboration with Locate a Locum at The Pharmacy Show generated significant positive outcomes for their client: a) Engaging Testimonial Videos: The testimonial videos filmed by LogicBarn effectively conveyed the positive impact of Locate a Locum’s platform. The authentic experiences shared by staff and clients resonated with the target audience, building trust and credibility. b) Social Media Engagement: The video compilation created by LogicBarn received high engagement on Locate a Locum’s social media platforms. It successfully conveyed the dynamic atmosphere of The Pharmacy Show and highlighted Locate a Locum’s active involvement, thereby increasing brand awareness and exposure. c) Enhanced Brand Perception: The professional quality of the videos produced by LogicBarn elevated Locate a Locum’s brand image within the pharmacy industry. The compelling visuals and positive testimonials positioned Locate a Locum as a reliable and innovative platform for both pharmacies and locum pharmacists. d) Networking Opportunities: The Pharmacy Show provided an excellent platform for Locate a Locum to connect with potential clients and industry stakeholders. LogicBarn’s videos served as effective conversation starters, sparking interest and facilitating meaningful discussions with interested parties.


LogicBarn’s partnership with Locate a Locum at The Pharmacy Show in October 2022 proved to be a resounding success. Through their expertise in videography and editing, LogicBarn effectively showcased Locate a Locum’s achievements, strengthened their brand image, and increased their reach within the pharmacy industry. By capturing authentic testimonials and highlighting the dynamic event, LogicBarn’s contributions enabled Locate a Locum to solidify its position as a trusted and innovative healthcare staffing platform.


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