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The Year of the Drone: 2022 Highlights So Far

2022 has been a busy year so far, keeping our CAA certified drone pilot on his toes and our visual content team busy. With upcoming and exciting projects underway, we are excited to share our 2022 showreel (so far). From the New Order Concert at Piece Hall, to Halifax Panthers Stadium Fly Over, and even Sheffield University, we have shot incredible footage for some amazing events and organisations, and put together mesmerising visual projects of the stories obtained from our eye in the sky. However, we don’t want to drone on about how good our services are – take a look for yourself below.

The Drone Boom
Since commercial drones dominated the gadget and videography industry around 2016, the demand for these services have skyrocketed. Gaining aerial footage was once only accessible for big film productions, and cost thousands to millions of pounds to buy, use, and even rent a professional and high quality drone. Entirely inaccessible on a commercial level, the industry began to adjust for the high demand that developed for drone services. Picking up on this gap in the market, here at LogicBarn we offer drone services that are accessible and targeted towards all businesses, new and old.

As drone use became increasingly popular among YouTube content creators and documentary filmmakers in particular, drone footage could be captured to enhance business marketing campaigns, and for the events and festivals industry to showcase what they do best. This became the new trend in visual content, and shortly after became a unique and intriguing vessel that businesses used to express themselves, whilst also keeping up to date with the ever growing demand for video content. Because visuals appeal to consumers more so than any other form of marketing, drone services boomed internationally, and has held a top spot in visual marketing content since.

Because of our tech and digital background, providing drone services was the next step for us to take in the progression of our award winning agency. This year, we have taken on some big and exciting projects and taken our drone to unimaginable places, capturing aerial footage that has never been captured before. Reaching new heights – physically and metaphorically – our 2022 drone showreel showcases all of the exhilarating projects our creative team have been working on this year thus far, covering festivals, weddings, business conferences and so much more.

Not just a pretty drone…

Our drone services don’t just look good at events and festivals, however. Our visual content services are designed with business centric marketing campaigns in mind. As a new and captivating way of showing off your business, service or product, featuring drone photography and videography on your site and social media will attract your target audience and gain you the meaningful custom your business deserves. As a tech and digital agency for all, our services extend across all businesses from all industries; we’re not just tied to one.

Our qualified drone pilot has achieved an impressive portfolio, having worked with well-known public figures and companies across a number of sectors. His most recent venture was providing incredible drone footage for the upcoming Liam Gallagher documentary. Aerial shots of the stadium, close ups of the crowd, the flashing lights and Gallagher himself, our drone captured the entire experience from all angles; recreating a realistic and exciting version of the experience that makes you feel as though you were there, living it in real time.

We don’t just shoot pretty content – we tell the stories that matter. Find out more on our drone services page here: