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The 5 Stages to Web Design

Once the decision has been made to upgrade or have a new website built, what follows should be a clear plan of action to enable the project to be delivered quickly and stress free.  You must always be aware of the stages involved when getting a new website built by the team here at LogicBarn. We like to keep our clients involved at all times so below is a brief outline of the stages involved.

The Planning Stage

Without doubt the most important stage and one here at LogicBarn we take very seriously.  Communication is key and we will work with you to ensure we understand your vision and ideas for your new website. We get to know your business and what you provide as well as your expectations.  At this stage attention to detail is vital so we fully understand what you require.  Research is key and our team will go through everything with you and check all the major details are correct in terms of site function and what is required. From page amounts to your level of knowledge when using a CRM, we cover everything.

The Design Stage

Next comes the design stage and this is where you can maybe start to get excited as you see your ideas come to life.  You will see visual representation of your new website and you can start to get an idea on how it will look.  We will work closely with you at this stage to ensure you like what you see, and we can take any input onboard to make changes. This stage is important as once complete to go back and make design change further into the process will mean a delay in the overall project. By the end of this stage the website will more or less have taken shape and you will be able to see how it will look both the homepage and internal pages as well.

The Development Stage

Once we have agreed the final design and look and feel of your new website we can start the intensive development stage. This is where the bulk of the coding and programming will be completed by our experienced and creative developers. Website fluidity and usability will start to come into play and some of the website function will now be live, subject to testing. The user interface and site visitor experience will be worked on to ensure a fast and pleasant process. Bugs will become apparent at this stage and can be worked on as well as any content changes. The framework of your new website will be taking shape and you will be able to see how the final finish will look.

The Launch Stage

At this stage your website will be finished, well the initial first version and your content will be live and on the website. All tracking codes and other 3rd party software you use will be installed. Products will have been added if you are a retail store and any payment gateway live. Now we just need to go live and upload the website, usually during a quiet period just in case something needs attention.  Once we transfer the site to a live server then we check for compatibility across all devices and all browsers, just in case something doesn’t quite look right. Live testing will be carried out as well and test transactions will be completed to fully test the process.

The Post-Launch Stage

Once everything is complete and live and we are satisfied there are no bugs then we will hand over the website. If you need any training in using the CRM or admin then we can help with this also. Once we are sure you are satisfied with the website then we will release control to the new owners. That’s not to say we will leave you to cope with any issue alone. Our aftercare support is second to none and we can help you with any issue once you are live, or indeed if you need some changes making or to add new functions to the website.


Hiring a complete digital agency to build your new website ensures a safe and stress free process. The team here at LogicBarn can handle everything for you, so you can concentrate on running your business.  We keep you fully informed and involved during each stage and at all times you have final say in the style, content and design of your new website. We have built many websites both large and small and our creative team can offer advice and share their experience to give you leading edge knowledge, this enables you to keep ahead of your competitors thanks to modern and future proof website design. Speak to the team here at LogicBarn to get your free website design quote and see how we can bring your ideas and vision to life. Visit our contact page or telephone 0303 223 0110