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Streamline Your Website

As technology advances and new and better ways to build a website are discovered it can be detrimental to your website. New websites will always have an advantage performance and management wise over older websites. New websites can quickly become outdated and whilst still performing a vital role for your business, improvements can always be made.

Here at LogicBarn we understand you might not always have the spare budget required to have a brand new website built for your business, which is why we provide a streamline service that can help improve your present website without the need for a complete rebuild. However, this isn’t always the best course of action.

There are many factors at play, such as the present condition and age of your website. Sometimes it’s cheaper to have a new website built, and then try to salvage your present version. Our clever creative and development team are skilled in improving your site’s performance, without the need for a complete rebuild.

Simplify The Design
Nothing puts people off quicker than a cluttered website with too many links, flashing pop-ups, and to much text all on one page. With no structured layout or simple to view content, this will quickly force your site visitors to leave and go elsewhere. Your site visitors, like you, have busy lives and want to find what they are after as quickly as possible. Your site will have seconds to grab their attention; any longer and they will most likely visit your competitor’s sites.

Become Mobile Responsive
Surprisingly, many business sites are still not mobile responsive. We don’t want to see your site struggle to keep up with the demands and devices that your consumers will view your site on. Visitors to your site will leave as quickly as they came if they have to zoom into a section of a website when browsing on a mobile device. Besides looking unprofessional, it makes it near impossible for visitors to perform any meaningful actions. You want to drive traffic to your site, not lose it.

Tidy Up Navigation
If your navigation menu is like an Ikea wardrobe instruction manual then you are in trouble. There’s no need to link every part of your site or every page. To make your site less complicated, split it up into categories. Visitors should be able to find what they want within a matter of seconds and in just a few clicks. Complicated or link heavy navigation menus will simply confuse and frustrate your visitors. Consider using categories and sections to reduce the links available; including the useful search bar at the top of the page.

People are put off when you mention rebranding, thinking it involves a new site being created from scratch. Rebranding, however, is not as complex as you first think. New colours, new logos, and a fresh new look are just a few simple updates that can transform your business and improve your website’s performance. As your competitors keep moving forward, so should you. Nobody appreciates a stale website. Simple fixes that could drive away custom from your site when not updated, such as news sections and social media accounts with no recent activity, can be seen as site and business abandonment from your visitor’s perspective. Keep things fresh on your website to keep people coming back.

Improve Loading Times
Having a fast website is so important for many reasons. Firstly, Google will factor in your site speed when ranking you in the free search results. A slow website will not appear high up in the first 2 pages. Google wants to give its customers the best experience possible and slow websites don’t provide that. Next reason is obvious – your customers. If they have to wait around whilst your site loads, they will be put off waiting. However, this issue can lead your site into a multitude of problems. When performing an action such as paying for one of your services or products and your site takes too long processing their payment, your customers may see this as a trust issue and deem your business as unreliable. Speed is king and your site needs to load fast or it will be left behind.

Update Text Content
This instantaneous improvement should cost you next to nothing and have an immediate effect on your site. Hiring a professional content writer to create engaging and exciting sales content for your website and improve readability for your site will create a significantly better viewing experience for your visitors. Mentioning your key selling points and keeping your site visitor engaged will encourage them to continue reading. Avoid repeating the same information by keeping the information on your site short and snappy. An overload of information will make your visitors not want to delve into what your business has to offer them.

Update & Install Plugins
An important part of website creation is the installation of plugins, particularly if your site is hosted by WordPress. Updating your plugins are just as important, and luckily they aren’t difficult to maintain. Out of date plugins can result in issues that will only slow down your site and potentially make it vulnerable to hackers. Whilst most plugins will alert you when an update needs to be made, it is worthwhile checking yourself every-so-often. With this, you can keep an eye on the unseen but valuable aspects of your site that keep it running smoothly.

Remove Outdated Functions
Keep your site fresh and remove any features on your site you no longer use or need, such as newsletter sign ups you don’t access anymore. Old features also make your site look cluttered, creating a messy and difficult to navigate experience for your visitors. Always check through your website and see what features need to be removed, freeing up website space and making your site look more professional.

The award winning creative team here at LogicBarn can help you streamline your website if a new site build is out of your budget, contact us here today.