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Photography Case Study:

Safe & Sound

Capturing Moments of Hope: Safe and Sound’s 20th Anniversary Event


Safe and Sound, a charity committed to combating child sexual exploitation, celebrated its momentous 20th anniversary with a remarkable event. As a photography service provider, we had the privilege of capturing the essence of this milestone occasion through our photography and videography services. This case study highlights our involvement in covering the event, documenting memorable moments, and contributing to Safe and Sound’s website and social media coverage.

Client Background:

Safe and Sound is a charity that has been dedicated to addressing child sexual exploitation in Derby and Derbyshire since 2002. The organization offers tailored one-to-one support to victims and at-risk young people, empowering them to lead safe and fulfilling lives.

Event Scope and Objectives:

The 20th anniversary event held by Safe and Sound aimed to commemorate the organization’s significant accomplishments over the years and raise awareness about their cause. Our task was to provide comprehensive photography and videography coverage, capturing the spirit of the event and creating visual content that could be utilized for the charity’s website and social media platforms.

Event Highlights and Challenges:

The anniversary event was a resounding success, featuring an array of captivating activities and performances. The program included lively musical performances, uplifting dance routines, an engaging auction, and a heartfelt award ceremony honoring individuals who had contributed significantly to the cause. These diverse elements posed an exciting challenge for our team, as we had to ensure that we captured every crucial moment while maintaining the highest standard of visual storytelling.

Execution and Approach:

To capture the essence of the event, we employed a blend of candid and posed photography techniques. This allowed us to document both the candid interactions and heartfelt moments, as well as the formal proceedings, such as speeches and award presentations. Our team coordinated with event organizers to identify key highlights and important individuals to focus on during the coverage. We utilized high-quality camera equipment and lighting techniques to ensure optimal image and video quality, allowing us to effectively showcase the vibrancy and emotion of the event.

Collaboration and Sensitivity:

Given the sensitive nature of Safe and Sound’s mission, we approached the event coverage with utmost respect and sensitivity. Our team maintained open lines of communication with the charity’s representatives to understand their specific requirements and ensure that the photographs and videos captured aligned with their values and messaging. We made a conscious effort to respect the privacy and dignity of attendees, particularly when photographing individuals who had directly benefited from the charity’s support.

Deliverables and Impact:

Following the event, we carefully curated a selection of images and videos that encapsulated the event’s atmosphere and the impact of Safe and Sound’s work. These visuals were then provided to the charity for their website and social media coverage. By effectively showcasing the event’s vibrancy, diversity, and the heartfelt dedication of the attendees, our visual content played a crucial role in raising awareness about the charity’s cause and garnering support from the community.


Our involvement in Safe and Sound’s 20th anniversary event allowed us to contribute to the important work they do in combating child sexual exploitation. Through our photography and videography services, we captured the memorable moments, shared the stories of those impacted, and helped promote the charity’s mission through digital platforms. It was an honor to be part of this milestone celebration and to play a role in creating a lasting impact for Safe and Sound.


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