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If you want to build an app for The App Store, you’ll need to develop an iOS app. At Logic Barn, we help clients reach new customers via mobile device through smart iOS app design and development. With our skills and app development experience, enhance your business and generate more sales with a branded iOS app. Build a professional app for iPhone users and Apple devices.

Build An App For The App Store

Why should you invest in iOS app development? Well, having a branded iOS app available to download on The App Store could help your business to reach over 1 billion potential customers.
Web Design Derby, SEO Agency, PPC Management

It’s estimated that 1 billion people use an iPhone worldwide.

In 2020, Apple reportedly shipped over 206 million iPhones.

Apple’s App Store has 3.6 million mobile apps and 984,000 games.

Free iOS apps make up the majority of apps on The App Store.

While creating an iOS app on The App Store could help you to reach more customers, it needs to be well-designed, branded and user-friendly.

This is because users will be able to review your mobile app and leave feedback regarding its design, the way it works and its value. Fail to provide a positive user experience, and you risk damaging your business reputation. But, publishing a professional iOS app means opening up a brand new revenue channel, which can help you to start generating more traffic to your business.
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Web Design Derby, SEO Agency, PPC Management

iOS or Android App - What’s The Difference

The most obvious difference between an Android and iOS app design is the style of buttons created. iOS app design needs to follow a flat design style; however, Android follows Material Design. This is why it’s always best to bring in professionals when thinking of investing in app development. If an app has been poorly built or designed, it may not even meet the requirements for The App Store. So rather than waste time & money, opt for an experienced & reliable app development team. In terms of availability, iOS apps will be available to download via The App Store, on an Apple device such as an iPhone or iPad, whereas Android apps are available on The Google Play Store. Knowing the difference between iOS and Android is key, as you’ll need to choose the device you’re target market will likely use. Ideally, it’s best to create both an Android and iOS app to expand your reach, but some clients prefer to develop one version at first.
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Having received an expensive quote from our existing provider for a new website, we looked round and had a few quotes. LogicBarn was excellent. Their price wasn’t actually the cheapest quote we received, but the advice received prior to parting with a penny was second to none and was a clear indication to the level of detail, attention and professionalism that this company would offer us.

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Build A Professional iOS App

At Logic Barn, we have a dedicated app development team here to help you create a bespoke iOS app. Whether you want to develop a mobile application to increase sales, design an app to entertain your target market or add value as a business by making it easier for your customers to shop or contact your customer service department, we can help.

Experience in iOS app development

With our wealth of knowledge and experience in iOS app development, take advantage of this powerful digital marketing tool and publish your first professionally built app to The App Store. Or, if you’d like to build a mobile app that is available to download on both iOS and Android device, please contact our team. We can provide innovative designs that will adhere to both The App Store and The Google Play Store requirements.

While creating an iOS app on The App Store could help you to reach more customers, it needs to be well-designed, branded and user-friendly.