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You need an e-commerce website that is well designed, easy to use, increases traffic to your site, improves conversions and fits around your brand identity, but where do you start? As your ecommerce design agency the fear of the unknown will no longer be an issue. From start-ups to well established businesses, our ecommerce web design services are designed with every business from every industry in mind.

LogicBarn Digital is a tech, digital and ecommerce agency that can make your dream storefront an online reality. We take your business to where your custom is, making your services and products easily accessible and fun to manage with a site that represents you and your business. Having worked with successful clients up and down the country in the production of their ecommerce website design, we can guarantee that our team can deliver you the results you want and need for your business.

We don’t skimp on the finer details, either. Constantly analysing ways in which we can continuously improve your site is an important part of what we do. Whilst other ecommerce agencies finish a site and move onto the next, our help and support will be available even when your ecommerce website is up and running.

Award Winning Digital Agency

Winners of "Best Content & Web Design Agency Derbyshire"

- SME Awards 2022

Winners of "Most Client-Focused Digital Agency East Midlands"

- SME Awards 2022

The difficult and boring, made easy and interactive.

Efficiency is our middle name. Our easy to use online store administration section will make managing your storefront as effortless as possible leaving you with more freedom to do what you do best – running your business successfully. No other ecommerce agency wants your business to succeed as much as we do.

We understand that managing your inventory, shipping rates and order processing are the not-so-exciting tasks that come with running a successful ecommerce business. As your ecommerce website design agency we want you to relish every part of your business and make the mundane fresh and enjoyable. With our ecommerce services, we create your storefront to make it as hassle-free as possible, making quick work out of the hard stuff.

Ecommerce web design that is true to you.

Maintaining brand image and style is at the very heart of every project we take on. From site development to your products being in the customer’s hands, your business image should be prominent, from the beginning of the process to the finish line. LogicBarn Digital’s ecommerce web design services create your ecommerce platform around your brand. Your style will be intertwined into your site, making your business truly unique against your competitors.

We keep things simple for your business and custom alike. We’re all about taking the complexity out of ecommerce website design so that you can run your business without the stress of your site’s performance lingering over you. When you partner with us for your ecommerce web design needs, we will establish a detailed plan with you so that none of your requirements are left out. We want to support you and your goals and our ecommerce design services can help make your dreams come true.


What other services can help my website?

Having a website is only one piece of the puzzle, ensuring your website can be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more is also critical. As a multi talented web design agency, LogicBarn can provide you with an end to end solution that ensures your website is able to succeed and flourish. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be an essential part of your marketing strategy to increase website visibility and traffic.

Content Writing

Content Is King. It is often said. The reason the phrase is so overused? It’s completely true! This service can help speed up the whole process.

Paid Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of advertising and marketing that can deliver very effective results fast. Advertise online within hours.