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Drone Case Study:

Yorkshire Tea

Overcoming Challenges in Aerial Photography

Project Overview:

LogicBarn had the privilege of collaborating with Yorkshire Tea to capture stunning aerial footage for their Yorkshire Day advert. Celebrating the essence of Yorkshire and its beloved tea, this project required creativity, precision, and a deep appreciation for the region’s beauty and heritage.


Filming for a Yorkshire Tea advert meant capturing the quintessential charm of Yorkshire landscapes while highlighting the brand’s connection to the region. Our team faced challenges such as unpredictable weather conditions and ensuring compliance with local regulations to guarantee safe and effective drone operations.
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Equipped with advanced drone technology and expertise in aerial cinematography, our team meticulously planned each shot to showcase the beauty of Yorkshire. From picturesque tea fields to quaint villages, we captured footage that reflected the warmth and authenticity synonymous with Yorkshire Tea.


The aerial footage captured by LogicBarn provided a captivating glimpse into the heart of Yorkshire, resonating with viewers and evoking a sense of nostalgia and pride. Our footage seamlessly integrated into Yorkshire Tea’s advert, enhancing the storytelling and reinforcing the brand’s connection to its roots.

Client Feedback:

“Had the pleasure of working with Mark at LogicBarn on a Yorkshire Tea job.
He couldn’t have been more committed to getting us the prefect drone shot! Highly recommended.”


Collaborating with Yorkshire Tea on their Yorkshire Day advert was a testament to [Drone Company]’s ability to capture the essence of a region and elevate brand storytelling through aerial cinematography. By blending technical expertise with creative vision, we helped Yorkshire Tea celebrate its heritage and connect with audiences in a meaningful way.


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