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Drone Case Study:

Liam Gallagher

Overcoming Challenges in Aerial Photography

Project Overview:

Our drone pilot had the honour of collaborating with Liam Gallagher to capture breathtaking aerial footage for his highly anticipated Knebworth 22 documentary. As one of the most iconic events in music history, capturing this momentous occasion required precision, creativity, and technical expertise.


Filming at a historic venue like Knebworth presented unique challenges. With thousands of fans in attendance and the need to capture the scale and energy of the event, our team had to navigate airspace regulations, coordinate with event organisers, and ensure seamless integration with the documentary crew.



Utilising state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-resolution cameras and stabilised gimbal systems, we captured stunning aerial shots that encapsulated the grandeur of Knebworth and the electrifying atmosphere of the concert. Our experienced drone pilots meticulously planned each flight path to maximise coverage while adhering to safety protocols.


The aerial footage captured by our team provided a dynamic and immersive perspective of Liam Gallagher’s historic performance at Knebworth. From sweeping shots of the iconic venue to intimate views of the crowd, our footage added depth and cinematic quality to the documentary, enhancing the storytelling and bringing viewers closer to the experience.


Collaborating with Liam Gallagher on his Knebworth 22 documentary was a testament to our team’s ability to deliver exceptional aerial footage for high-profile projects. By leveraging cutting-edge drone technology and our passion for storytelling, we helped bring this iconic moment in music history to life on screen.


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