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5 Tips for Amazing Christmas Website Optimisation to Make More Sales

Christmas Website Optimisation to Make More Sales

Christmas is coming, and last year online sales rose by over 55% compared to sales in 2019. Throughout the last decade there has been a sea change with shoppers ditching the high-street in favour of shopping from the comfort of their homes, the benefits include time savings and a wider availability of choice, but the ongoing pandemic has hastened this change. This is why a great Christmas website optimisation strategy is more important than ever and why it could help online store owners to have a very merry Christmas. 

Base SEO Optimisation

Before going any further, it’s important to have the technical SEO fundamentals correct. If you’ve never had a professional look at your SEO or the foundations of your website, it’s important to make sure that you fix any outstanding issues, otherwise your efforts and money could be wasted.

Why are seasons Important for Website Optimisation?

It’s of course dependent on the industry but Christmas has an effect on nearly every industry. If it’s not a ramped up increase in opportunities it could be a slowdown as you don’t have as many staff available. Something as simple as making sure your Christmas opening times are readily available to see on the website, will ensure customers and potential customers that your company is active and providing good customer service throughout this period. Other seasonal information could be sales due to the Easter or Summer holidays, or even taking note of the Chinese New Year which could result in a delay in delivery times for your customers. Your website is an integral part of your customer journey.

What can Help You with Christmas Website Optimisation?

There are many changes that can be made to catch the seasonal traffic. Here are top tips from LogicBarn to boost your sales this Yuletide.

  • Add a Christmas tab to your website: Adding a new area for Christmas, will help to direct your website users to the offers that will be most beneficial to them, and increase the chances of conversion, within that tab it’s an opportunity to add long tail keywords for SEO, to target the searches that are easier to rank in and are perfect customers for your store.
  • Look at long tail keywords for Christmas website optimisation: It’s not going to be possible to compete with multinational conglomerates for words such as Christmas Presents which had over 45,000 searches in the last 30 days. But if you’re selling items that could act as ‘light up Christmas presents’ it would be a great idea to optimise your website to focus on this keyword as it’s had over 3,600 Google Searches in the last 30 days and is much easier to rank for! There are many options for various seasonal offers that can be researched and tracked and any good SEO provider should have access to this information.
  • Optimise your landing pages: You’ve put in the hard work and found words that people are searching for, but if the webpage that you’re directing them to doesn’t do your products justice or doesn’t really fit the user’s intention then it’s a waste of time. For example, if your products are suitable for buyers with a budget of £20 per gift, it’s no use leading them to a page where all that’s available are products over £100. This will lead into an increase in bounce rates, no conversions and search engines realising that your offering isn’t a good fit for the search term.
  • Optimise your website with Christmas Decorations: Getting your website into the Christmas spirit, will get your shoppers into the Christmas mood and ready to buy. If you have many returning users, they will appreciate a well decorated website, just like customers appreciate when brick and mortar stores have been decorated for the season. There’s a reason around Christmas time companies spend huge sums of money on lights, trees and decorations and it’s because it works to associate your brand or store with what the user is looking for at that moment in time.
  • Clean up afterwards: After Christmas is over, we don’t leave the tree up until Easter! It’s the same with your website, no one visiting your store expects to see your website with Christmas decorations in February, so it’s important to move on and get ready for the next season. The same goes for site opening hours and notices. Letting your website get outdated could leave a negative impression of the company, as an unprofessional website makes customers think of unprofessional products or services.

Not Ready For Christmas Website Optimisation?

It’s getting late in the day to make these changes in terms of SEO for Christmas website optimisation this year, but it’s a great time to get the foundations in place and organise a targeted PPC campaign with incredible landing pages that will increase your turnover this Christmas. It’s also a great time to think about informing your customers of your changing business hours and add a bit of fun to your website for Christmas. If you’re a business in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester or anywhere else in the UK that wants to take advantage of this period, give the experts at LogicBarn a call on 0303 223 0110 today.