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Cassius Health

Even before the global pandemic, wellness and the wellbeing of individuals at companies was of ever increasing importance. Amy Webb, a fully qualified mental health first aider with over 23 years of experience within the care, health and wellbeing sector, has ran multiple businesses specialising in stress management and running workshops, courses and holistic treatments to reduce stress and staff sickness. Amy performs a confidential service, regularly checking in with staff and when required counselling individuals that need extra support to keep their life on track. With this proactive assistance her clients have found staff absenteeism and turnover levels have all benefited via this service and where patterns have been identified, company management is also advised to make changes that they may not have been aware of while making sure to keep the information of individuals confidential.
Nottingham Web Design

"After a recommendation from a previous business owner and client of Logic Barn, I decided to put my trust in using LB website and IT services. In my mind there seemed no better option to take our services to the wider market. From start to finish I was reassured and felt confident in the their abilities. The team were friendly, polite, helpful and professional. I could tell straight away that they really cared about the client and what I was aiming to achieve. In my spare time I write reviews for companies big and small, both negative and positive, as I feel when a company goes above and beyond, it is important to recognise both exceptional customer service and when a business delivers or meets the required standard or need, on the flip side of this I also add positive critic for the company to improve upon. This helps you the consumer and the business to improve. In this case the results really speak for themselves. The company met every need and more, were good value for money and most importantly delivered to an high standard with excellent customer service. I could not recommend them highly enough. As my own business grows we won't hesitate to utilise more of their services and make the same recommendation in the future. "

The Brief

Mental health and wellness has steadily been entering into the mainstream as employers fight to provide the best conditions in the increasingly competitive recruitment and turnover conditions brought about by the great resignation. Cassius Health is well placed to address these needs, but needed an attractive modern website that reaches proactive individuals searching for these services. As it was their first website targeted at a mass audience and with a goal of long term growth and helping as many clients as possible, they decided to work with LogicBarn, as LogicBarn has the experience to take small businesses to the next level.
Nottingham Web Design

The Result

LogicBarn developed a website that now reflects the expertise that the customer brings to the marketplace. With the SEO services in place, they are now taking on clients from many areas of the country and a platform in place to share articles in a professional way via their website linking to their social media campaigns. The team at Cassius Health have also been shown how to add blogs to the website, so they can do this quickly and without needing to pay for additional pages to be added each time.

Ongoing Relationship

Right now, LogicBarn manages the day to day search engine optimisation and pay per click strategy for Cassius. Understanding the financial constraints of a start up business has helped LogicBarn to grow the enquiries for Cassius Health in a managed way. As the team grows and more inbound calls start to take place, Amy and the team have also indicated that LogicBarn will be their first choice when it comes to quoting for business phone systems and IT support services. LogicBarn is now not only a trusted supplier, but an integral part of the growth strategy for Cassius Health.