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Can A Mobile App Grow Your Business?

No matter what kind of business you’re running, you can always benefit from a larger online presence. There are plenty of ways you can go about growing your business online, but one of the most powerful, and most often overlooked, is a mobile app. There are over 3.8 billion (billion with a B) smartphone users globally, and that number is set to keep going up year after year. Brits spend, on average, more than 3 hours every day on their mobile devices. 

Out of all the things people are using their smartphones for, the majority of their time is spent on apps. This means that if you’re not taking advantage of the existence of mobile apps, you’re potentially leaving a huge number of opportunities unused. But what can a mobile app really bring to your business? And how can you get the most out of it?

The benefits of a mobile app

A fantastic marketing tool

If people are spending the majority of their time glued to their phones, then that makes them one of the most valuable marketing tools available to you. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a sale, or offering discounts, a mobile app gives you the chance to let your customers know instantly. When you combine that with how simple it is for customers to follow any marketing that shows up on their screen, it’s one of the most direct and impactful marketing tools there is. 

Higher conversion rates

A mobile app is one of the best ways to increase the traffic to your business. If you’re increasing your traffic, you’re getting higher conversion rates. This is especially true if you’re working with a company who knows how to market your business and take advantage of modern technology to put your app in front of the people who are most likely to use it.


A by-product of the modern, ultra-fast, digital era is that people are always looking for convenience. Even something as simple as having to swap from one website to another or even navigate a site on their browser can feel like more than some customers are willing to do. With a mobile app, your business is available to them with the touch of a button.

Increased loyalty

The simplicity of opening and using an app on a smartphone is one of the best ways to increase loyalty from your customers. There’s a whole lot of noise out there when it comes to marketing and an app lets you cut through that to connect directly with your customers. Creating that kind of genuine connection can foster a powerful sense of loyalty.

How do you create a mobile app?

By now, you’ve probably realised that a mobile app is an indispensable tool for your business. Of course, that doesn’t solve the problem of how you can actually go about creating it. That’s where LogicBarn Digital comes in.

If you’re looking to use a mobile app to push your business forward, our team of expert developers have the skills and experience to make that happen. We work alongside you at every stage of the software development process, from planning and prototyping to development and testing. From the first kernels of an idea to a final app that’s in people’s pockets, we’re there for you.

We discuss exactly what you want to get out of an app and how we can make that happen. Of course, you have complete control over everything and we will do everything we can to make adjustments based on your feedback.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help turn your mobile app from an idea into a reality.