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Brand building Android app design and development.

Do you have a great idea for a new app but don’t really know where to start? Whether it’s a new fitness tracker or just something fun and creative to improve your business, Android App development is the perfect solution!
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Whether you want to design a new game fit for mobile device, a lifestyle Android app to help boost productivity or a micro version of your eCommerce store, contact our team and let’s make your vision a reality!

A lot of people think app development is expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By creating an app that is simple, user-friendly and cost-effective you can effectively increase sales and generate a healthy return on investment by working with Logic Barn Android app developers. Plus, once an Android app is live on The Google Play Store, it has the potential to reach millions of users in seconds, which provides your business with an invaluable marketing tool!

Android Mobile App Benefits

There are many unique benefits to having your very own mobile iOS app built, some examples are below.

Increased Sales

Entertain your target market whilst promoting your brand and business. Inform and educate users about your products and services.

Announce Sales & Offers

Create a new space where you can promote discounts, reward loyal customers and encourage sales and sign ups.

Generate More Income

Reward loyal customers with coupons and free gifts. Create a digital community of potential customers.

Build Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness by using your Android app to have a presence on the App stores ready to download to their mobile phone.
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Creative Android App Design

At Logic Barn, our dedicated Android app development team use their skills and creative flair to design bespoke mobile applications. Whether you want to target millennials, Gen X or Baby Boomers, we will take the time to understand your unique target market and app idea, in order to design a smart and user-friendly Android app that stands out!

Android App Industry is Growing Fast

An Android app is built especially for The Google Play Store, which according to recent data, has over 3.48 million apps and is available to over 2.5 billion Android users. By creating a mobile game, mini eCommerce store, knowledge centre, lifestyle app or perhaps a new social media platform, you can reach new customers at any time, anywhere.
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Android App Design

User experience is a critical factor in app development and design. A user’s first impression of an application requires the perfect balance between intuitive, aesthetically appealing interactions and ease of use.

Aftercare and Support

At Logic Barn, once your shiny new Android app is live we can provide ongoing aftercare and support. We can adapt and amend your mobile application when you need new functions adding or design changes to keep up with your customers and clients demands.

Android App Development

The best Android apps are those that provide value to their users while maintaining the highest standard of design. For this reason, it is important for businesses to understand what factors can be improved upon when designing an application.

"LogicBarn have been fantastic. Before LogicBarn transformed our website we were taking on around 90 jobs a month through our website, we're now converting 270+ jobs through our website each month and rising. They take care of all our IT, but have also rebuilt the website and it now reflects our brand’s image. The attention to detail was great and they even came in to film us in action for the Homepage. The workflow is now much better. Thank you LogicBarn!"

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What other services can help my business?

Speak to our creative app development experts at Logic Barn and let’s put together a plan to accelerate your business growth via mobile apps. Having an app is only one piece of the puzzle. As a multi talented digital design agency, LogicBarn can provide you with an end to end solution that ensures your business is able to succeed and flourish.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) should be an essential part of your marketing strategy to increase website visibility and traffic.

Content Writing

Content Is King. It is often said. The reason the phrase is so overused? It’s completely true! This service can help speed up the whole process.

Paid Ads

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of advertising and marketing that can deliver very effective results fast. Advertise online within hours.