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Aerial Drone Services

Stunning aerial videography and drone photography

Qualified and insured professional drone services for the commercial, leisure and event industry. Creative visual storytelling that captivates and wows with aerial videography and drone photogrpahy.

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Elevate your marketing strategy with our aerial drone services, from a single photo to an all inclusive marketing video package.

Aerial drone photography and videography can often tell a story that words can’t. As it’s proven that people respond quicker to visual content; an awe inspiring and captivating aerial image or drone video can make the necessary difference when it comes to maximising viewer engagement and indeed securing business and customers with any digital marketing strategy.  Our aerial drone services captivate.

The Benefits Of Our Drone Services

Creative visual marketing content can communicate your brands key selling points in a second using stunning imagery.

Highlight Facilities

Our videography and drone services can capture your facility or location in perfect cinematic style with stunning visual content.

Tell your Story

Our drone services can showcase your facility in all it’s glory and from the users perspective using both ground and aerial footage.

Increase Brand Awareness

Get people talking about your brand by reaching new heights literally, using aerial footage to showcase your product.

Marketing Videos

We can create professional corporate and marketing videos, complete with licensed music and expert editing techniques.

Unique and engaging

Our drone photography and videography services can produce amazing results with 4k quality video and HD images that bring a pin sharp aerial perspective to your storytelling. With our drone services we can produce cost effective content for you to use as marketing or promotional material on your website or social media platforms. The technology available to use is simply astounding and allows us to capture breath-taking photos or videos from all angles.

Increase Sales & Bookings

Our qualified drone pilots can take cinematic videos with our aerial drone services and show your subject from a visual perspective often never seen. We have a live HD feed to our pilots from the drones which enables us to see exactly what we are filming. This allows us to capture scenes and images from many different angles so we can truly capture the images and videos to wow your target audience. Our drone services can be suitable for all scenarios and businesses and really tell a story visually. We can also combine our aerial drone services with ground filming to create promotional and marketing videos complete with enhancing licensed music and any information you require such as business logos and contact details. We can even add details on the video at any point to highlight important information. Get a quote today for aerial  drone services.

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Why use LogicBarn's Aerial Drone Services?

Our drone pilots are CAA approved and qualified having gained the latest CAA qualification which is the A2 CofC certificate of competence. This means we can fly closer to subjects then unqualified pilots. Allowing us to capture in even more detail the subject in question.

Event Filming

We can film any event from an aerial perspective and we always ensure a complete safety and risk assessment is carried out before flight.

House Inspections

Worried about a loose tile after a recent storm? If so our drone services include roof inspections as well as any other building inspection.

Leisure Facilities

We can create professional marketing and promotional videos for your leisure, commercial or business location with our drone services.


What other services can help my website?

Having a website is only one piece of the puzzle, ensuring your website can be found on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more is also critical. As a multi talented web design agency, LogicBarn can provide you with an end to end solution that ensures your website is able to succeed and flourish. 

Drone Services

Our Drone Videography and Photography service seamlessly integrates breathtaking aerial footage into your website, that elevates your online presence.


Our Photography service offers high-quality images that enhance the visual aesthetics of your website, elevating your brand’s online presence and captivating your visitors.