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Inside the barn.

Logic Barn was born with a single purpose: to raise the bar within a saturated and often convoluted digital market and meet broader business needs.

who are we?

A complete digital agency and IT solutions provider with the technical and creative talent to bring your ideas to life.

Combining their passion, skills, and experiences, our proven crack team came together to deliver everything we would want when employing a dynamic digital agency. But don’t take our word for it, take a gander at our bios and get to know the team!

The Team

Meet our core team members

At LogicBarn, our talented and experienced team members have worked in strategic roles for major clients within healthcare, the arts, digital, sports, and finance. Whether it’s social media campaigns, broadcast media, tech support, or commerce, our crack team have the skills and expertise to bring your business ideas to life.

Hannah Pearse

Deputy Office Manager

Paul Meredith

Visual Content Creator

Mark Cahill

Senior Digital Marketer

Jyair Manzano

Software Developer

Sam Parrott

Photographer & Trainee Digital Designer

Gemma McHarg

Head of Sales

Matt Gibson

Senior Digital Designer

Matt Hadfield

Head of Operations