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A Yorkshire Adventure Unveiled: Behind the Scenes of the Yorkshire Tea Terrier Advert


In celebration of Yorkshire Day, our digital company embarked on an exciting journey to capture the essence of Yorkshire’s charm and warmth for the recently launched Yorkshire Tea Terrier advert. This heartwarming commercial showcases the Yorkshire Tea Terrier, a furry companion on a mission to assist thirsty hikers exploring the picturesque landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Our experienced drone pilot, Mark, took flight to capture breathtaking aerial footage that would bring this charming tale to life.

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Setting the Scene in the Yorkshire Dales:

The Yorkshire Dales, with its rolling hills, quaint villages, and meandering trails, provided the perfect backdrop for our advert. Nestled in this stunning landscape, our team set out to film the Yorkshire Tea Terrier in action, delivering refreshment to hikers and spreading smiles along the way. The authenticity of the Dales, coupled with the warmth of Yorkshire hospitality, was precisely what we aimed to capture.

Meet Mark, Our Drone Maestro:

Behind the scenes, our skilled drone pilot, Mark, took the lead in capturing the essence of the Yorkshire Dales from a bird’s-eye view. Mark’s experience and precision with the drone were crucial in ensuring that every shot seamlessly blended with the enchanting surroundings. From capturing the Terrier’s playful antics to soaring over vast landscapes, Mark’s expertise added a dynamic layer to the storytelling.

Navigating Challenges and Capturing Beauty:

Filming in the Yorkshire Dales, while breathtaking, presented its own set of challenges. The weather, notorious for its unpredictability, kept us on our toes. However, Mark’s adept piloting skills allowed us to adapt to changing conditions, capturing the charm of misty dales and sun-kissed meadows alike. The result was a visual narrative that showcased the diverse beauty of Yorkshire.

The Yorkshire Tea Terrier in Action:

As the Yorkshire Tea Terrier trotted along the trails, pausing to offer a cuppa to weary hikers, Mark’s drone followed with precision. The aerial shots captured the Terrier’s journey through scenic landscapes, creating a cinematic experience that resonates with the genuine warmth and friendliness associated with Yorkshire Tea.

Capturing Emotion and Connection:

Beyond the picturesque landscapes, our goal was to evoke emotion and connection. Mark’s drone footage played a pivotal role in capturing the spontaneous moments of joy as hikers were surprised and delighted by the Yorkshire Tea Terrier. The aerial perspective allowed us to showcase not only the vast beauty of the Yorkshire Dales but also the intimate connections formed over a simple cup of tea.


As the Yorkshire Tea Terrier advert graced screens on Yorkshire Day, it brought with it the spirit of Yorkshire’s hospitality and natural beauty. Behind the scenes, our dedicated team, led by the talented drone pilot Mark, worked tirelessly to capture the magic of the Yorkshire Dales. The result is not just an advert but a visual story that celebrates the essence of Yorkshire—a tale told from the ground and the sky, capturing the heart and soul of this remarkable region.